Scott McKibben is a photographer, cinematographer, visual artist, and musician based out of Asheville, NC. His curiosity for the arts has developed a rather expansive body of work over the years. Furthermore continuing a consistent undertone for his connection with the Sun and relationship between time and space. In 2009, Scott began working on a body of work influenced by the relationship between humans and their surroundings. In 2010 he introduced this body of work during his first solo art exhibit under the title, SEEDS. A combination of photography, melted wax, chalk, paint, and found objects where assembled together to represent no more than his relationship with inanimate objects and the movements that assembled them. The only though behind the series was to spontaneously make decisions based upon the suns movements. 

During the same year he began creating collaborative videos for musicians, such as Rising Appalachia, Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, Paleface, amongst many more. He quickly fell in love with working with musicians and started a documentary project called, Eye of the Crow, which focuses on one shot vignettes of the underground music and art culture. 

When not throwing paint around, strumming strings, or shooting creative personal projects, Scott works on commercial gigs and has developed a presence in the world of television. From werewolf's to floi gras, Scott has been able to adapt a creative style to whatever the project is proposed his way.