Photograph by Imoto Harney www captaincrazy tv.jpg

Scott McKibben is a New Orleans based photographer, cinematographer, visual artist, and musician. Scott's passion for video started at the age of 14, when he bought his first video camera. His curiosity for the arts has developed a rather spastic body of work over the years, yet he continues a consistent undertone for his connection with the Sun and relationship between time and space. In 2009, Scott began working on a body of work influenced by the relationship between man and his surroundings. In 2010 he introduced this body of work during his first solo art exhibit under the title, SEEDS. A combination of photography, melted wax, chalk, paint, and found objects where assembled together to represent no more than his relationship with inanimate objects. He used multiple mediums to record the movements that were made while assembling each piece. The only thought behind the series was to spontaneously make decisions based upon the movement of the sun. 

Scott has worked on collaborative videos for musicians, such as Rising Appalachia, Maggie Koerner, Blair Crimmins, and Paleface as well as many more.